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  • Type of wine 

           Red, Young wine of only a few months of ageing (from 3 to 6) in American and French oak barrels.

            ºA=13’5% vol, may vary a little depending on the climate during the year.

  • Time of year we can consume this wine

    When it asks us to, this is usually to the end of the year after elaboration.

  • Percentages may vary from one year to another


          Monastrell,  Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon 

          Percentages may vary from year to another.

  • What to expect

          Dark red cherry, with lighter tones of red and violet

          With a fruity nose we can find hints of red and forest fruits such as stwarberry, plumb and black currant that mix with a slight hint of vanilla

          On the pallet it has a bit of nerve to it, but it’s smooth and easy to drink.

          It takes some time to forget.


  • Best served with


          Light snacks (tapas style) or with a meal. Such as Oven baked rice, Red peppers stuffed with rice, sweet corn, savory pastries, fresh cheeses or simply on its own while               with friends.



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