Celler Gurgu

In the province of Alicante you can find the village of Gorga, sat right between the valleys of Seta and Travadell, even though the village its self can be found on the south end of the Seta valley. It is surrounded by a number of mountains; among them we find the Sierra de Benifallim, Carrascal, Sierra Mariola, Benicadell, Sierra de Almudaina, Alfaro, Aitana y Serrella. The farming in the area is based around dry climate agriculture, and is mostly made up of olive groves, among which you can find Juan Ferrándiz’s 2000+ year old olive tree. Another important crop produced is peaches. A delicious fruit, with a very sensual shape, showing admirable and attractive colours, with an exquisite taste that is not masked in any way by its appearance.

In the village of Gorga, for many years, a very important aspect of the economy was the cultivation of grape vines, that at one point made up the bulk of the terrains belonging to the village, the grape produced from this was used to make a large quantity of a considerable strength. This is known since some houses had dozens of vats for wine production. The wine that was pressed by foot in the vats was then transported by mule in wine boots (traditional leather pouch) from Gorga to Villajoyosa, from where it was usually shipped off to larger coastal cities. Sadly in the 20th Century, that disease that was brought into Europe from North America in 1863, Phylloxera, extended itself slowly over the region, like an oil stain. This destroyed the wine culture and economy, all the vines had to be dug up, and this gave way to other kinds of crops having to be planted. And now, many years later, we have given our selfs the objective to start cultivating grape vines on our terrain with the purpose of making quality wine. A wine that will honor the essence of our tradition.Being a reflection of our dedication, passion and hard work.


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